Dell XPS 13 – Pros and Cons

The Dell XPS 13 laptop is one of the best laptops on the market today. It has all the right features that consumers are looking for in a laptop. However, consumers tend to have issues with Dell laptops, including this one.

One of the biggest issues with Dell is the warranty. Dell does not offer any sort of warranty for its products. Consumer reviews indicate that a lot of Dell computers fail due to Dell’s lack of good support. Many consumers end up having to either buy a new Dell laptop or upgrade to a laptop made by another company.

On the other hand, Dell offers great quality and has a reliable system, but consumers are still reluctant to buy a Dell laptop because of the warranty issue. Some consumers complain that they just can’t stand being around Dell for more than a year or two, because the company doesn’t offer a guarantee that their laptops will be as good as the other brands that offer warranties.

The basic features that consumers look for in a laptop includes some security features, touch screen, keyboard and track pad. This gives consumers an idea on what type of laptop they want to purchase. This gives consumers a lot of flexibility and allows them to find a laptop that will meet their needs.

Consumers can make a quick comparison of the features and compare them side by side. These comparative features include things like the hard drive, screen size, battery life, RAM and CPU. Each comparison feature is very important for consumers. When it comes to purchasing the Dell XPS 13 laptop, consumers should consider all the features and prices. Consumers should also look into the warranty and compare it with the other brands that offer warranties.

Overall, the Dell XPS 13 laptop has many great features that consumers are looking for in a laptop. Some of the best features include the excellent processor, large display, lots of memory and reasonable price. By making comparisons and comparing features and prices, consumers will have a great idea on which laptop they will purchase.