Review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone

What is even more extraordinary than the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with the latest technology? The fact that it is available at such a low price. You would have to pay more than one hundred dollars just to get the original Samsung Galaxy S phone in its original packaging. But for an additional amount, you get the S10 and get one of the most innovative handsets ever in the world.

At present, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has already hit the market and it is one of the best sellers in this season too. The many features that make this phone so popular are the fact that it features the latest features from Google and it is one of the top smart phones as well. It features the high-end and best video and picture quality of the Android operating system along with the world-class cameras and much more. This is the one smartphone that is worth the money spent.

There are certain differences between the Galaxy S10 and the original Samsung Galaxy S phone. The first difference is the fact that it features a 12.2 MP camera. This gives the users the opportunity to enjoy the best pictures that they want from the handset. There are other features too like the S Beam feature that lets the users know if their partners are nearby or not. The Google Search feature that comes along with the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest in the sense that it allows the users to search for what they want. The user can search for the latest news, online videos and pictures.

Another new feature is the S Health program where you can monitor your health by sending your heart rate and also the texts, the reports and the weather information. The S Health app is compatible with the Windows and the Apple platform and allows you to get the real time information. You can also view your schedule, measure your calories and even see how your overall fitness has gone. It also provides you with tips to help you in improving your health and the S Health will automatically log the records that you have entered and the S Health sends you any medical problems that are reported by your doctor.

The S Beam function also makes the user able to check the status of their friends, their locations and the activity that they are having. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is to position the S Beam LED light on the friends’ location and then just press the app button. The S Beam will beam the LED light to all those you have chosen.

Most of the users are quite happy with this latest product, because they can get the features that they desire and get the added benefits of a contract after purchasing it. However, it is advisable to check with the various reviews about the smartphone before you make your purchase. You can get your hands on the latest phone after clicking here.